Serverless Consulting

We are software engineers and consultants focused on AWS and DevOps. Our Serverless expertise covers Automation, Data Pipelines, REST APIs, Node.js/Java/Scala, and the Serverless Framework. You can hire our expertise to boost your project.

Our clients

  • gain confidence in AWS by doing Proof of Concept projects like:
  • implementing a Serverless data processing pipeline prototype (e.g. S3 -> Lambda -> Redshift)
  • developing a Serverless API prototype
  • leverage the benefits of AWS by:
  • developing Serverless applications in Node.js, Java, and Scala
  • setting up Continuous Delivery pipelines to automatically push code into production
  • engineering (real-time) big data processing pipelines with S3, Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift
  • automate continuous checks of internal security requirements
  • optimize their AWS environments by:
  • doing architecture reviews and redesigns of not Cloud Native applications
  • doing cost optimizations

As certified AWS Solution Architects - Professional Level we have deep knowledge of all AWS services. Our daily work as AWS consultants adds practical experience on top of our theoretical knowledge.

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Andreas Wittig
AWS Certified

Andreas Wittig, Software Developer & Cloud Architect
DevOps evangelist and author of Amazon Web Services in Action. Excited about Infrastructure as Code with the help of AWS CloudFormation. Loves to build web- and mobile applications based on JavaScript.

Twitter: @andreaswittig

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Michael Wittig
AWS Certified

Michael Wittig, Software Developer & Cloud Architect
Cloud architect and software developer. Interested in data, programming, web and finance. Enthusiastic about exploring new technologies in real world projects. Author of Amazon Web Services in Action.

Twitter: @hellomichibye

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