Cloud Security

All about the shared responsibility model in the cloud. Includes topics like networking (VPC), authentication and authorization (IAM), and more.

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Amazon EC2

All about utilizing and managing virtual machines on AWS.

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Develop cloud-native applications based on Lambda, API Gateway, AppSync, DynamoDB, Step Functions, and more.

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AWS CloudFormation

Infrastructure as Code to provision and maintain AWS resources.

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Our channel to share announcements with you.

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Our favorite blog posts handpicked for you.

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Amazon Lambda

No need for servers. Run your code serverless with AWS Lambda.

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Ship your applications in a standarized and reliable way with the help of containers. Covers ECS, EKS, and Fargate.

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Amazon S3

The Simple Storage Service (S3) provides a fault tolerant and highly scalable storage service which is a great fit for many scenarios.

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AWS Identity and Access Management

Controlling access to your cloud resources is key to protect your infrastructure from leaking data or malicious access.

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Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor all parts of your AWS infrastructure with the help of CloudWatch by making use of metrics, alarms, and logs.

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Amazon VPC

Define virtual networks in the cloud. For example, to deploy your application into a private subnet not reachable from the Internet.

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We are looking back at the past year, month, or week.

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Amazon ECS

The Elastic Container Service (ECS) is a great choice to orchestrate containers and an alternative to EKS and K8s.

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Amazon DynamoDB

A simple but powerful NoSQL database which provides fault tolerance and extensive scalability of storage and throughput.

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Amazon RDS

The Relational Database Service (RDS) provides fully-managed PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and MS SQL databases.

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AWS Fargate

Fargate is for containers what EC2 is for virtual machines. Spin up containers without the need to think about the underlying compute infrastructure. Works with ECS and EKS.

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AWS Cloud Architecture

Architecting on AWS is like putting together building blocks. Learn about the possibilities and how to combine multiple AWS services.

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Amazon API Gateway

The API Gateway is mainly used to built Serverless applications. On top of that, you might want to use an API Gateway as the frontdoor for other backend systems as well.

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Amazon CloudFront

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) does not only power the cloudonaut blog, but many other web applications as well.

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AWS re:Invent

The yearly conference organized by AWS in Las Vegas. Expect a huge amount of service and feature announcements during that time of the year.

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Application Load Balancer

The Application Load Balancer (ALB) distributes incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests among a fleet of virtual machines or containers.

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Series: Velocity

This series is all about increasing your velocity. Deploy applications to AWS with minimal friction.

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The Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to control AWS from the terminal.

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AWS CodePipeline

Build continous deployment pipelines with the help of AWS CodePipeline. Works best together with CodeBuild and CloudFormation.

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AWS CodeBuild

A fully managed continuous integration service often used together with AWS CodePipeline.

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AWS Cost Optimization

Reduce your AWS bill by following our tips&tricks to optimize costs. For example, use spot instances or switch to another S3 storage class.

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Amazon EBS

The Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides high-performance and reliable storage for virtual machines.

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Amazon ElastiCache

Adding a caching layer improves performance and reduces costs. ElastiCache provides in-memory databases based on the Redis and Memcached engine.

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Amazon EFS

Use the Elastic File System (EFS) to share a filesystem among a fleet of virtual machines or containers.

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Review of AWS services

From time to time, we are reviewing newish AWS services. To do so, we are diving into the technical details and analyze the service maturity.

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AWS CloudTrail

Keep track of changes to your cloud infrastructure. The audit trail allows you to investigate after a security incident, and also enables realtime alerting.

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