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Review: API Gateway HTTP APIs - Cheaper and Faster REST APIs?

An API gateway acts as an API front-end that receives API requests from clients and forwards them to back-end services. Typically, an API gateway offers the following features: Throttling Billing Authentication and authorization Request validation Requ...

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Beginner-friendly mobile backend based on AWS AppSync

Are you looking for a way to build a backend for a mobile or web application on AWS? You should check out the newcomer announced by AWS last year: AWS AppSync which provides a GraphQL based API endpoint. AppSync is serverless and very beginner friendly....

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Serverless WebSocket API: API Gateway, Kinesis, Lambda

Nowadays, it is a common approach to use a RESTful API following the synchronous request/response model. But what about asynchronous communication? Or communication that is synchronous but could be modeled asynchronous as well? A WebSocket API based on ...

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