Free ebook: Cloud Native Applications

Free ebook: Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native Applications is a collection of hand-picked chapters presenting five topics that will give you insights into the world of cloud computing. Get a free copy now! Andreas and I, authors of Amazon Web Services in Action, selected these specif...

Event Driven Security Automation on AWS

If your developers create their own infrastructure in minutes, who cares about security? In some organizations the security teams become the new bottleneck if the company wants to deploy every commit to production. Because manual reviews can’t be done for every commit. Teri Radichel’s paper Balancing Security and Innovation With Event Driven Automation shows how you can use AWS to tackle the security bottleneck problem. I will shortly summarize her work and encourage you to read the whole paper and have ...

Amazon Web Services in Action

Amazon Web Services in Action introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud.

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