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cloudonaut plus - Behind the scenes

Since November last year, we published more than 20 videos and online events with tips, pitfalls, code examples, and our independent opinion. We covered AWS SSO, IMDSv2, IAM policies, S3 encryption, AMP, and many more. The community of cloudonaut plus m...

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Guest authors wanted!

Have you ever dreamed of publishing an article on cloudonaut? Are you a freelancer or employee who wants to attract attention to boost your career? This is your chance! We are looking for guest authors who are interested in publishing an article on clou...

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5th Anniversary of cloudonaut

We published the first blog post five years ago, on May 9th, 2015. This was the time when we were writing our first book Amazon Web Services in Action. Since then, we have published 250 blog posts, improved our writing, and received tremendous feedback ...

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