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New Online Training - AWS in Motion

We are happy to announce the filming of our book Amazon Web Services in Action. Our video course AWS in Motion is introducing Amazon’s cloud offerings in more than 3 hours of video lessons and 25 exercises. Manning has published our online course consi...

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New Online Training - Navigating the AWS Management Console

I’m excited to announce that our new Pluralsight course was released: Navigating the AWS Management Console. Pluralsight is the on-demand technology learning platform you count on to stay relevant, with tools that measure your skills and solve your prob...

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New Online Training - Automating AWS with CloudFormation

Michael and I have joined Pluralsight as authors for online trainings. I have worked on a course about Infrastructure as Code with CloudFormation during the last two months. I’m excited to announce that my first course was released: Automating AWS with ...

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