Improve Security (Groups) using VPC Flow Logs & AWS Config

Improve Security (Groups) using VPC Flow Logs & AWS Config

As mentioned in the previous post Your AWS Account is a mess? Learn how to fix it!, most AWS accounts are a mess. This can be a serious risk, especially for security-related resources like Security Groups. In this post, we will describe a technique to m...

Event Driven Security Automation on AWS

If your developers create their own infrastructure in minutes, who cares about security? In some organizations the security teams become the new bottleneck if the company wants to deploy every commit to production. Because manual reviews can’t be done for every commit. Teri Radichel’s paper Balancing Security and Innovation With Event Driven Automation shows how you can use AWS to tackle the security bottleneck problem. I will shortly summarize her work and encourage you to read the whole paper and have ...


Are you part of a highly motivated DevOps team? Use marbot, a friendly chatbot, to forward all kind of alerts from your AWS infrastructure to Slack. Alerts are escalated across your team automatically allowing you to focus on your daily work.

Amazon Web Services in Action (Second Edition)

Amazon Web Services in Action (Second Edition) introduces you to computing, storing, and networking in the AWS cloud.