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How to dockerize your Node.js Express application for AWS Fargate?

My first project with Node.js - an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, designed to build scalable network applications - was building an online trading platform in 2013. Since then, Node.js is one of my favorite technologies. I will show you h...

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Verify SNS messages delivered via HTTP(S) in Node.js

Are you implementing an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint for SNS? If so, you should definetly verify the incoming messages. Otherwise, anyone on the Internet can deliver messages to your HTTP/HTTPS endpoint. Which is a security risk. How do you verify incoming mess...

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Serverless image resizing at any scale

This post demonstrates how you can create a bunch of resized images right after uploading an image to S3. The solution requires no servers, is scalable and can be automatically deployed within minutes. The solution makes use of two S3 buckets: The b...

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