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Send CloudWatch Alarms to Slack with AWS Lambda

As we all know, things go wrong. That’s why monitoring and alerting are essential topics. Wouldn’t it be nice, if problems in your AWS account would show up in Slack? So you can react quickly while using your favorite messaging tool. In this blog post, ...

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AWS Velocity Series: Serverless app

The API Gateway provides an HTTPS endpoint that invokes a Lambda function when a request arrives. The diagram was created with Cloudcraft - Visualize your cloud architecture like a pro. As you can see, there is not much infrastructure to set up. To mak...

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Designing asynchronous event systems with AWS IoT and Serverless Application Model (SAM)

An event system receives and processes events by following rules that are defined inside the system. All processing happens asynchronously. When an event is sent to the system, it is processed at some point in time, but you will not get an immediate res...

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