EC2 Templates for AWS CloudFormation

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EC2 with auto-recovery

This template describes an EC2 instance with auto-recovery. If the instance fails it will be replaced automatically. All data stored on EBS volumes will still be available. The public and private IP address won’t change. Auto-recovery does only work inside of a single availability zone (AZ).


Installation Guide

  1. This templates depends on one of our vpc-*azs.yaml templates. Launch Stack
  2. Launch Stack
  3. Click Next to proceed with the next step of the wizard.
  4. Specify a name and all parameters for the stack.
  5. Click Next to proceed with the next step of the wizard.
  6. Click Next to skip the Options step of the wizard.
  7. Check the I acknowledge that this template might cause AWS CloudFormation to create IAM resources. checkbox.
  8. Click Create to start the creation of the stack.
  9. Wait until the stack reaches the state CREATE_COMPLETE
  10. Grab the public IPAddress of the EC2 instance from the Outputs tab of your stack.


  • vpc/vpc-*azs.yaml (required)
  • vpc/vpc-ssh-bastion.yaml


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