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KMS Key Policy Privilege Escalation

Encrypting data at rest is a widespread best practice on AWS. In 2019, Werner Vogels set the tone with his motivational slogan, “Dance like nobody’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is!”. AWS shipped the ability to encrypt data at rest for almost all its...

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All you need to know about encrypting S3 buckets

Dance like nobody’s watching, encrypt like everyone is. Are you encrypting your data stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)? No, this video explains why and how to do so. Yes, this video helps you to avoid common pitfalls when doing so. After wat...

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Restricting Access to EC2 Instances Based on Tags

The principle of least privilege is key when it comes to securing your infrastructure on AWS. For example, an engineer should only be able to control EC2 instances that are in scope for her day-to-day work. But how do you make sure an engineer is only a...

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