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Authentication at the edge with Lambda@Edge and Cognito

For many years, we used a hosting partner for serving the Rapid Docker on AWS Video Course. When someone bought the video course, we created a user account with our partner. The hosting partner provided a website to watch the videos and a login form. Fo...

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Serving content only to logged-in users with CloudFront Signed Cookies

This blog can be accessed by anyone with access to the free Internet. It’s a public website. But many websites offer a members-only area. You have to log in to get access to parts of the website. In this blog post, I demonstrate how CloudFront can be us...

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Programming your CDN: CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

Minimizing the load time of your websites and applications is essential for two reasons. First, search engines rank websites based on page load times. Second, users are impatient and might cancel loading your application to jump to a competitor instead....

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