On the way to sustainable open source projects

Michael Wittig – 27 Feb 2020

Open Source software is the heart of the modern world. Why do we love open source? Maybe, because we can review the source code? Or because we can modify it? The honest answer is: because it is free. Which is contradictory in a capitalist world, isn’t it? Why do people waste energy to create something that has $0 value? Whatever the answer is, it doesn’t pay the rent. In the long run, open source maintainers have trouble to keep their projects healthy without sacrificing their health. As a two-person team, Andreas and I maintain a bunch of AWS related projects that a lot of people rely on. It gets harder and harder to maintain them all for Andreas and me.

On the way to sustainable open source projects

Today, we have two important announcements to make:

AWS sponsors credits

We are delighted to announce that AWS sponsors credits to run the weekly integration tests for our Free Templates for AWS CloudFormation project.

AWS Open Source

With the help of AWS, we run tests in multiple regions (us-east-1, ap-southeast-2, and eu-central-1) to keep the quality of the templates high. Find out more about the program.

GitHub Sponsors

Funding developers and organizations through GitHub Sponsors is one more way to contribute to open source projects you appreciate. Help projects get the resources they need and recognize contributors working behind the scenes to make open source better for everyone. GitHub will not charge fees for GitHub Sponsors.

Today, we ask all of you to become our GitHub Sponsors. With your help (small and big), we can keep our projects in good shape. Over time, we can make them even better. If you (or the company you work for) rely on our work, consider to:

Become a Sponsor!

Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

I’ve been building on AWS since 2012 together with my brother Andreas. We are sharing our insights into all things AWS on cloudonaut and have written the book AWS in Action. Besides that, we’re currently working on bucketAV, HyperEnv for GitHub Actions, and marbot.

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