Parental Leave (Michael)

Michael Wittig – 08 Jan 2022

Taking care of my family is the number one priority for me. Luckily, Andreas and I bootstrapped a profitable business that provides us tremendous freedom. Starting today, I’m on parental leave for the next six months. I’m looking forward to dedicating my full attention to my seven-month-old son.

Parental Leave

Attentive readers will have noticed that Andreas returned from his parental leave only a few days ago. Enough time to ensure a smooth transition to keep our projects running without interruption.

In the last nine months, I was reminded daily about what Andreas and I created over the years. It is not easy to run all of that as a one-person show anymore. Not only our little children are growing. Our business is growing as well. So before I leave, I will share my highlights of the last nine months with you.

I’ll be back in July. I wish you all a good time! 👋

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Michael Wittig

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