Parental Leave (Andreas)

Andreas Wittig – 19 Mar 2021

This is the last thing on my checklist before I leave for nine months. Until January 2022, I take on the joys and responsibilities of child care.

Parental Leave

Having children in Germany

My wife and I have two children who are three years and nine months old.

In Germany, the state compensates parts of the salary for mothers and fathers taking care of their little children for up to 14 months - see Elterngeld to learn more. Typically, women take 12 months off - men take off two months. This time, my wife and I split our parental leave in half, and both do nine months.

At the end of the year, our little one will start going to daycare. Commonly, children in Germany go to daycare from the age of 12 to 18 months.

About the Business

What happens to our business while I’m on parental leave? I’m fortunate to run a business together with my brother. Michael will take over a lot of my duties. For example, I’ve handed over some of my consulting clients to Michael. But we also found freelancers and consulting firms to take over some of our clients.

We will also reduce the content published on cloudonaut: 4-5 videos, two blog posts, and one podcast episode per month.

On top of that, we hired Steffen and Wilhelm to produce videos and manage our social media presence.

We are also investing heavily into cloudonaut plus, bucketAV - Antivirus for Amazon S3, and marbot and hope to grow our monthly recurring revenue significantly until the end of the year.

I’ll be back!

I’m looking forward to visiting playgrounds, swimming, laughing, and playing with my children. Also, I’m missing working together with Michael already. I’ll be back in January 2022. I wish you all a good time! 👋

Andreas Wittig

Andreas Wittig

I’ve been building on AWS since 2012 together with my brother Michael. We are sharing our insights into all things AWS on cloudonaut and have written the book AWS in Action. Besides that, we’re currently working on bucketAV,HyperEnv for GitHub Actions, and marbot.

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