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[plus] Tracing an HTTP request

What to do when customers complain about high latencies or server-side errors? How to find out which part of your infrastructure is causing trouble? Is something wrong with CloudFront, the ELB, or your web application? Our video demonstrates how to use...

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Own your analytics data: Replacing Google Analytics with Amazon QuickSight

Making decisions based on data is compelling. Especially, when you wrestle with the most straightforward decisions like me. Google Analytics is the de-facto standard for tracking your customers while clicking through your websites and applications. I’ve...

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Analyzing CloudTrail with Athena

Which IAM users have been active within your AWS account within the last 30 days? Are all of the 999 IAM roles still in use, or can you remove some of them to clean up your infrastructure? Is it safe to remove the action s3:GetObject from the IAM policy...

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Cleaning up an S3 bucket with the help of Athena

Imagine your basement or attic would provide unlimited capacity for storing stuff. Sounds great? Maybe at first. But imagine how many stuff would pile up over the years if you were not forced to clean up your stuff because of limited storage space every...

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Sharing data volumes between machines: EFS

Many legacy applications store state in files on disk. Therefore, using Amazon S3, an object store, is impossible by default. Using block storage might be an option, but it won’t allow access to files from multiple machines in parallel. Hence you need a...

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Behind the scenes of the EC2 network performance benchmark

What is the maximum network throughput you can expect from an EC2 instance of type t2.large? How much does the network performance increase when switching from a t2.large to m5.large instance? All these kind of questions are hard to answer, as AWS does ...

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