👉 AWS Debug Games (Beta) - Prove your AWS expertise by solving tricky challenges.

👉 AWS Debug Games - Prove your AWS expertise.

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EC2 Checklist: 7 things to do after launching an instance

Launching an EC2 instance takes minutes. Keeping your virtual machines secure and maintaining your VMs is more work. In this blog post, I share seven things to do after launching a Linux, Windows, or macOS instance: Configure remote access with SSM Ses...

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AWS Backup - Vault cannot be deleted? Use this script!

With AWS Backup, it is simple to create snapshots of EBS, EFS, and more. A retention period defines the number of recovery points stored within a backup vault. When removing a backup vault, you need to delete all recovery points first. Doing so is a cum...

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EC2 Instances 2.0 - Time to Update Your Toolbox

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has more than 13 years of public history and is one of the oldest AWS services. EC2 is a mature service that reinvented itself many times: From EC2 classic to Amazon VPC. From SSH access to AWS SSM Session Manager. Fr...

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Review: AWS Backup - A centralized place for managing backups?

AWS Backup aims to become a centralized place for managing backups. If possible, AWS Backup uses existing features to create backups (e.g., RDS snapshots). Sometimes, AWS Backup is the only way to create a backup (e.g., EFS file systems). Do you prefe...

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