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Workaround: CodePipeline for GitHub Enterprise

There is no question that AWS has a strong focus on customer obsession. However, sometimes it takes forever until popular feature requests get implemented. A good example: CodePipeline - the continuous delivery service - does support all kinds of source...

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GitHub Actions vs. AWS CodePipeline

Deployment pipelines first! When launching a new project, start with building a deployment pipeline. Automating the process from changing the source code to shipping your application to the production environment is a success factor. But how to build a ...

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Configure your CloudFormation managed infrastructure with Parameter Store and CodePipeline

Getting started with CI/CD to manage your AWS infrastructure is hard: You have to familiarize yourself with the available technologies. You have to create a Proof of Concept to show your team how it works. You have to convince your team to stop using t...

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AWS Velocity Series: CI/CD Pipeline as Code

The Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline is a major section of your software assembly line. It starts with the code repository and ends with the deployment into your production environment. CI/CD includes many steps that all depend on...

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Delivery Pipeline as Code: AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodePipeline

The assembly line is the heart of any factory. Workers and supervisors are giving their best to ensure a steady flow of raw materials to the end products. The delivery pipeline is an important part of DevOps and the equivalent to the assembly line. A de...

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AWS Advent has started: Deploy your AWS Infrastructure Continuously

AWS Advent is a yearly exploration of AWS in 24 parts contributed by volunteers from the AWS community. Follow @AWSAdvent and get inspired on a daily basis. I open this year’s AWS Advent with a post on Deploy your AWS Infrastructure Continuously Conti...

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The Life of a Serverless Microservice on AWS

In this post, I will demonstrate how you can develop, test, deploy and operate a production-ready Serverless Microservice using the AWS ecosystem. The combination of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway allows us to operate a REST endpoint without the need...

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