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Three ways to run Docker on AWS

There are a bunch of different ways to run your containerized workloads on AWS. This blog post compares the three most important ways to run Docker on AWS: Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) with AWS Fargate Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kub...

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EKS vs. ECS: orchestrating containers on AWS

AWS announced Kubernetes-as-a-Service at re:Invent in November 2017: Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS). Since yesterday, EKS is generally available. I discussed ECS vs. Kubernetes before EKS was a thing. Therefore, I’d like to take a second...

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ECS vs. Kubernetes: same same but different

EC2 Container Service (ECS) and Kubernetes (K8s) are solving the same problem: managing containers across a cluster of hosts. The battle between ECS and Kubernetes reminds me of the editor war between vi and Emacs: heated discussions focusing on technic...

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