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What's new about AWS SDK for JavaScript v3?

The AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 is generally available since December 2020. This challenge unites all AWS users: is this new version worth investing your precious time? In this blog post, I show you the new capabilities and use cases where they help you ...

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Protect AWS SDK calls with Bulkheads and Circuit Breakers

If you use one of the AWS SDKs to make queries to the AWS API you need to prepare for network unreliability. One of the AWS service that requires heavy SDK usage is DynamoDB (NoSQL database as a Service). I will use DynamoDB as an example in this post b...

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Serverless image resizing at any scale

This post demonstrates how you can create a bunch of resized images right after uploading an image to S3. The solution requires no servers, is scalable and can be automatically deployed within minutes. The solution makes use of two S3 buckets: The b...

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