Now available: Book Amazon Web Services in Action 3rd Edition

Andreas Wittig – 03 May 2023

We are happy to announce the official launch of our new book Amazon Web Services in Action 3rd Edition. The final version of the book is out now. We wrote the 1st edition back in 2015, and since then, we sold more than 30,000 copies, and the book has been translated into multiple languages, like Japanese and Portuguese. We are honored that our book has helped many get started with AWS.

Now available: Book Amazon Web Services in Action 3rd Edition

What’s new?

The 3rd edition contains a new chapter covering containers on AWS: Building modern architectures for the cloud: ECS, Fargate, and App Runner. The chapter starts with the simplest way to deploy containers on AWS: App Runner. After that, we dive into our favorite architecture consisting of ECS to orchestrate containers and Fargate providing a Serverless container infrastructure.

Besides adding a new chapter, we have entirely rewritten chapter 15: Automating deployment: CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, and Packer. Automating the deployments is key to success in the cloud. Therefore, chapter 15 introduces three different options:

  • CodeDeploy to roll out new versions of an application among a fleet of EC2 instances.
  • Packer to bundle the latest version of an application into an AMI.
  • CloudFormation to orchestrate rolling updates of EC2 instances managed by an auto-scaling group.

What’s in the book?

Amazon Web Services in Action is an in-depth guide to AWS. The book consists of four parts.

  1. Getting started
  2. Building virtual infrastructure
  3. Storing data in the cloud
  4. Architecting on AWS

Here is a list of the services we cover in our book: EC2, VPC, IAM, Lambda, S3, Glacier, EBS, EFS, RDS, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, Elastic Loadbalancing, SQS, ECS, Fargate, App Runner, CloudFormation, and CodeDeploy.

Besides that, the book includes our compressed learnings while building on AWS for ourselves and our consulting clients. We cover best practices to build secure and reliable systems in the cloud.

Infrastructure as Code is a game changer! We use CloudFormation for most examples in our book.

Buy now!

As of today, Amazon Web Services in Action is on sale.

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Besides that, also sells our book, which is a good option if you want to buy the printed book at low shipping costs.

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Alternatively, ask your local bookstore. They should be able to order our book within the next few weeks.

Thank you!

Thank you for buying and reading our book. Special thanks to those who purchased the book during the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) phase for trusting us and providing valuable feedback.

Andreas Wittig

Andreas Wittig

I’ve been building on AWS since 2012 together with my brother Michael. We are sharing our insights into all things AWS on cloudonaut and have written the book AWS in Action. Besides that, we’re currently working on bucketAV,HyperEnv for GitHub Actions, and marbot.

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