EC2 Network Performance Cheat Sheet

EC2 Network Performance Cheat Sheet

What is the maximum network throughput of your EC2 instance? The answer to this question is key to choosing the type of an instance or defining monitoring alerts on network throughput. Unfortunately, you will only find very vague information about the networking capabilities of EC2 instances within AWS’s service description and documentation. That is why I run a network performance benchmark for almost all EC2 instance types within the last few days. The results are compiled into the following cheat sheet.

INSTANCE TYPE Baseline (Gbit/s) Burst (Gbit/s)
c4.large 0.62
c4.xlarge 1.24
c4.2xlarge 2.48
c4.4xlarge 4.96
c4.8xlarge 9.85
c5.large 0.74 10.04
c5.xlarge 1.24 10.04
c5.2xlarge 2.49 10.04
c5.4xlarge 4.97 10.04
c5.9xlarge 10.04
c5.18xlarge 23.88
d2.xlarge 1.24
d2.2xlarge 2.48
d2.4xlarge 4.96
d2.8xlarge 9.85
g3.4xlarge 4.99 10.09
g3.8xlarge 10.09
g3.16xlarge 22.70
h1.2xlarge 2.48 10.09
h1.4xlarge 4.99 10.09
h1.8xlarge 10.09
h1.16xlarge 22.07
i3.large 0.74 10.09
i3.xlarge 1.24 10.09
i3.2xlarge 2.48 10.09
i3.4xlarge 4.99 10.09
i3.8xlarge 10.09
i3.16xlarge 19.65 22.46
m3.medium 0.30
m3.large 0.69
m3.xlarge 0.99
m3.2xlarge 0.99
m4.large 0.45
m4.xlarge 0.74
m4.2xlarge 0.99
m4.4xlarge 1.99
m4.10xlarge 9.85
m4.16xlarge 19.95
m5.large 0.74 10.04
m5.xlarge 1.24 10.04
m5.2xlarge 2.49 10.04
m5.4xlarge 4.97 10.04
m5.12xlarge 10.04
m5.24xlarge 21.49
p2.xlarge 1.24
p2.8xlarge 10.09
p2.16xlarge 21.05
p3.2xlarge 2.48 10.09
p3.8xlarge 10.09
p3.16xlarge 21.30
r3.large 0.50
r3.xlarge 0.69
r3.2xlarge 0.99
r3.4xlarge 1.98
r3.8xlarge 4.96
r4.large 0.74 10.09
r4.xlarge 1.24 10.09
r4.2xlarge 2.48 10.09
r4.4xlarge 4.99 10.09
r4.8xlarge 10.09
r4.16xlarge 22.03
t1.micro 0.07
t2.nano 0.03 0.28
t2.micro 0.06 0.72
t2.small 0.13 0.59
t2.medium 0.25 0.65
t2.large 0.51 0.78
t2.xlarge 0.74 0.89
t2.2xlarge 0.99
x1.16xlarge 10.09
x1.32xlarge 20.91 23.20
x1e.xlarge 0.62 10.09
x1e.2xlarge 1.24 10.09
x1e.4xlarge 2.48 10.07
x1e.8xlarge 4.99 10.09
x1e.16xlarge 10.09
x1e.32xlarge 22.13


I have run the network performance benchmark in us-east-1 on April 12th, 2018 using iperf3. Each benchmark run took 60 minutes, and a data point was recorded every minute. A fresh c5.18xlarge was used as the counterparty for the network benchmark of each instance type. I have published the source code of the network benchmark at widdix/ec2-network-benchmark.


The data analysis in the table shows the burst and baseline throughput of each instance type. The burst throughput is defined as the 95th percentile, which means the throughput was at least reached for 3 minutes. The baseline throughput is defined as the 10th percentile, which means the throughput was reached at least for 54 minutes. The raw data is available as Google Spreadsheet.


Please note, that the network benchmark was just a random sample and does not claim to be 100% accurate. Therefore, you should treat the EC2 Network Performance Cheat Sheet as the first guide when choosing an instance type based on your network throughput needs. If network throughput is critical to your infrastructure, you should run network benchmarks yourself to verify my results.

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