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Getting started with IPv6 on AWS

In mid-2019, AWS paid ~$108M to access 4 million IPv4 addresses from Amateur Radio Digital Communications - $27 per IP address. The reason why AWS spends so much money on IPv4 addresses is simple: There are no free IPv4 addresses that regional internet ...

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(Erratum) VPC Endpoint increases DynamoDB latency by 30%

Our reader Tom wrote in to tell me, that the latency for read requests to DynamoDB increased significantly after enabling a VPC endpoint a few weeks ago. Someone else reported a similar problem in the AWS discussion forums as well. Therefore, I started ...

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Advanced AWS Networking: Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

AWS offers shiny and powerful networking services. However, you should know about the pitfalls when designing advanced networking architectures for AWS. I will share some pitfalls that came to my attention when consulting clients to get the most out of ...

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Review: AWS Global Accelerator - Improving Latency and Design for Failure

The Cloud is all about networking. AWS introduced Global Accelerator at re:Invent in 2018. A year after that, it is about time to review the service. AWS Global Accelerator makes use of Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure and is designed to improve the pe...

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Fargate networking 101

Fargate runs Docker containers on AWS. ECS is responsible for orchestrating the containers that Fargate runs. If you are new to Fargate, I recommend you to read: ECS vs. Fargate: What’s the difference?. ECS and Fargate offer deep integration with other ...

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Serverless pattern: accessing public and private resources

Crossing the chasm between the old world - virtual machines isolated within a private network - and the new world - Serverless making use of publicly accessible APIs only - can be tricky. On the one hand, it is possible to configure VPC access for AWS L...

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Beyond the default: a Multi-VPC architecture

I created my first AWS account on December 23, 2012. The one thing that surprised me most was the possibility to define private networks with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). As this allowed me creating isolated areas, a fundamental prerequisite for buildin...

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Private subnets are broken on AWS

This blog post was written in July 2015 and is partly outdated. Amazon released VPC endpoint for S3 and Amazon VPC NAT Gateway in the meantime. tl;drThink twice if you’re planning to use a VPC architecture containing a private subnet that includes EC2 ...

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