Monitor VPC NAT gateways with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

Michael Wittig – 15 Aug 2022

Many VPC designs make use of public and private subnets. A NAT gateway is needed to communicate from a private subnet with the Internet.

Monitor VPC NAT gateways with CloudWatch metrics and alarms

A VPC NAT gateway is a finite resource that can be exhausted. That’s why you need to add monitoring to be alerted if the NAT gateway gets a bottleneck.

CloudWatch metrics

Each NAT gateway sends metrics to CloudWatch that we can monitor with CloudWatch alarms. We recommend creating alarms for the following metrics:

  • ErrorPortAllocation: The number of times the NAT gateway could not allocate a source port.
  • PacketsDropCount: The number of packets dropped by the NAT gateway.

Monitoring throughput utilization

Unfortunately, NAT gateways do not report a single metric on the throughput utilization of bandwidth and packets. The maximum bandwidth is 100 Gbit/second and 10,000,000 packets/second. Luckily, we can calculate throughput by using CloudWatch metric math.

To calculate the bandwidth utilization, we use the following metrics:

ID metric statistic period
in1 BytesInFromDestination Sum 60
in2 BytesInFromSource Sum 60
out1 BytesOutToDestination Sum 60
out2 BytesOutToSource Sum 60

And the following expressions:

ID expression comment
bandwidth (in1+in2+out1+out2)/60*8/1000/1000/1000 Bytes/min to Gbit/s
utilization bandwidth/100*100 to %; 100 Gbit/s is the hard limit

marbot’s Monitoring Setup Assistant

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PS: If marbot is not your thing, you can still find inspiration in marbot’s CloudFormation template.

Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

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