#vpc | Amazon VPC (2)

Define virtual networks in the cloud. For example, to deploy your application into a private subnet not reachable from the Internet.

Improve Security (Groups) using VPC Flow Logs & AWS Config

As mentioned in the previous post Your AWS Account is a mess? Learn how to fix it!, most AWS accounts are a mess. This can be a serious risk, especially for security-related resources like Security Groups. In this post, we will describe a technique to m...

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Event Driven Security Automation on AWS

If your developers create their own infrastructure in minutes, who cares about security? In some organizations the security teams become the new bottleneck if the company wants to deploy every commit to production. Because manual reviews can’t be done f...

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Private subnets are broken on AWS

This blog post was written in July 2015 and is partly outdated. Amazon released [VPC endpoint for S3](http://aws.amazon.com/de/about-aws/whats-new/2015/05/introducing-amazon-vpc-endpoints-for-amazon-s3) and [Amazon VPC NAT Gateway](https://aws.amazon.co...

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What can you do with AWS?

This article excerpted from Amazon Web Services in Action, shows that you can run any application on AWS by using one or a combination of different services. The four examples we present in this article will give you an idea of what you can do with AWS....

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