New CloudFormation Template - Operational Alerts and new Docs

Michael Wittig – 28 Apr 2017

Today, we release v3.1.x of our Free Templates for AWS CloudFormation. The highlights of the release are:

  • You can now receive alerts if the infrastructure is not working with the oprations/alert.yaml template. Existing templates now have a ParentAlertStack parameter to enable alerting for the stack.
  • We updated the AMIs to Amazon Linux 2017.03
  • The documentation has a new home:

Starting with Version 3.1.0, we host all template versions on S3. The Links in the documentation reflect this change. The stable docs always point to the latest release. The latest docs point to the master branch which is work in progress. You will also find a separate documentation for each released version. Try it out:

Operations Alert template

This template describes an SNS topic that can be used by many other templates to receive alerts. You can add one or multiple subscribers to this topic and they will all receive the same alerts. Supported transports are:

  • Email
  • HTTP endpoint
  • HTTPS endpoint (can be used by marbot)


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To enable alerting on one of our templates (e.g. the SSH Bastion Host) you have to provide the ParentAlertStack parameter. If no such parameter exists, the template does not support alerting.

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Full Changelog

  • [Security] Updated WordPress to 4.7.4
  • [New template] Alert topic that integrates with all other templates for operational alerts via SNS
  • [Improvement] Added host based routing in ECS service template
  • [Improvement] Jenkins agents now get the agent label
  • [Improvement] Updated to Amazon Linux 2017.03
  • [Improvement] Using more than two Availability Zones if possible (vpc-3azs, vpc-4azs)
  • [Improvement] Provide a fallback Email for operational alerts
  • [Improvement] Moved docs to and also host each release versioned on S3

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