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We are happy to share our independent insights with you in weekly HD videos and live events.

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Deepen your AWS knowledge: all the little secrets that are missing in the official documentation.

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Stay up to date: benefit from the latest AWS features and services without burning your hands.

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Get independent insights: our balanced opinion allows you to distinguish the good from the bad parts.

cloudonaut plus

The subscription is a must-have for AWS professionals with high ambitions. Get access to exclusive video content and join our private community.

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The Story

We launched the cloudonaut blog in 2015. Since then, we have published more than 250 articles: small tips and tricks, best practices, and service reviews. We enjoy writing about all things AWS a lot.

So far, cloudonaut has been a side project. Our primary focus was on consulting and our SaaS business.

Imagine what would happen when we turn our formerly side project into our primary focus. We could spend much more time researching, writing, and recording.

How can we fund our work on cloudonaut? First of all, we love to stay independent. Therefore, we don't want to advertise products and services. Instead, we ask for your support. Please subscribe to cloudonaut plus and support us to produce great content every week.

As a thank you, you get access to private video content and an invitation to AWS experts' private community.


Which topics are in scope for cloudonaut plus?

We will share our knowledge from the following categories: DevOps, Serverless, Containers, Security, Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, and many more.

Is cloudonaut plus for me?

Are you aiming to deepen your AWS expertise beyond getting AWS certified? Our insights support you in staying ahead of the game.

Can I get the same content for free?

No, all our video content is exclusively accessible for subscribers.

Will you still publish free content on the blog?

Yes, as usual, we will publish high-quality content on our blog for free. With cloudonaut plus, you get access to additional weekly video content.

How can I cancel my membership?

Subscribing to cloudonaut plus is risk-free. Cancel your monthly subscription anytime with the click of a button.

More questions?

Please write in! We are happy to answer all your questions. hello@cloudonaut.io.