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Anonymize CloudFront Access Logs

Amazon CloudFront can upload access log files to an S3 bucket. By default, CloudFront logs the IP address of the client. Optionally, cookies could be logged as well. If EU citizens access your CloudFront distribution, you have to process personally iden...

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Rich Social Sharing with single page applications hosted on S3 and delivered via CloudFront

You undoubtedly heard about single page applications (SPA) written with frameworks like Angular or React. One of the benefits of this approach is the possibility to host the static files (HTML, js, CSS, etc.) on a simple storage solution like S3 and put...

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Pitfall: ACM Certificate with CloudFormation

Good news, CloudFormation added support for AWS Certificate Manager recently. Creating a CloudFront distribution which is using an ACM certificate is finally possible with CloudFromation as well. The following listing shows the definition of an ACM cert...

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