👉 AWS Debug Games (Beta) - Prove your AWS expertise by solving tricky challenges.

👉 AWS Debug Games - Prove your AWS expertise.

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Use the Elastic File System (EFS) to share a filesystem among a fleet of virtual machines or containers.

Enhance EFS file system protection with TLS and IAM

Two significant aspects of data security are access restriction as well as confidentiality. In the following, you will learn two techniques to increase the security of data stored on an EFS file system (Amazon Elastic File System): enabling encryption o...

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How to set up Jenkins on AWS?

What’s the best way to run Jenkins on AWS? As Jenkins is still a popular automation server used for continuous integration and deployment, consulting clients have engaged me to design and implement a cloud architecture for Jenkins several times in recen...

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Unboxing AWS DataSync

Your toolbox should contain AWS DataSync, a service to synchronize data between all kinds of locations. Copy data between S3, EFS, and FSx. On top of that, DataSync works with on-premises locations like NFS, SMB, and more. In this week’s video Andreas...

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How do you choose the best storage option on AWS?

Choosing storage service is critical when designing a cloud architecture. Read on to learn about the characteristics, limitations, typical use cases, and a decision tree for the following options to store data on AWS: Instance Store provides low latenc...

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EFS with TLS behind a proxy

Encryption of data at rest and in transit is the new normal. Or as Werner Vogels (Amazon, CTO) says: “Dance like nobody’s watching. Encrypt like everyone is.” The Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) supports both: encryption at rest and encryption in trans...

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Sharing data volumes between machines: EFS

Many legacy applications store state in files on disk. Therefore, using Amazon S3, an object store, is impossible by default. Using block storage might be an option, but it won’t allow access to files from multiple machines in parallel. Hence you need a...

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Setup Amazon EFS in 60 seconds

AWS announced Amazon EFS, a scalable network file system, at re:Invent 2014 almost two years ago. Finally, EFS is now generally available and production-ready in US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland). Are you interested in giving EFS...

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