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Messaging on AWS

Previously, I compared all database options offered by AWS for you. In this post, I compare the available messaging options. The goal of messaging on AWS is to decouple the producers of messages from consumers. The messaging pattern allows us to process...

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Cloud adaption strategy: event-based data synchronization

Are you building an application for the cloud without the slightest dependency to an on-premises infrastructure? Lucky you, most of us are struggling with uniting an outdated on-premises infrastructure with the shiny cloud. Iā€™d like to share a cloud ada...

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Introducing the real-time data store: Kinesis Streams

Kinesis is all about real-time data: Kinesis Streams are a temporary store for real-time data. Append new events or read all events in order. Kinesis Analytics helps you to analyze data in real-time. Kinesis Firehose ingests real-time data into data st...

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Connecting Kinesis Analytics with AWS IoT

In a previous post, Getting started with AWS IoT and Tessel, you learned how to send temperature data from your Tessel microcontroller to an AWS IoT topic. You also learned how to set up an alarm that fires whenever the temperature goes above a certain ...

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