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Review: AWS App Mesh – A service mesh for EC2, ECS, and EKS

It seems to me like everyone is talking about service meshes these days - definetly a hot topic in the world of containers and microservices. A service mesh promises reducing latency, increasing observability, and simplifying security within microservic...

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Review: API Gateway HTTP APIs - Cheaper and Faster REST APIs?

An API gateway acts as an API front-end that receives API requests from clients and forwards them to back-end services. Typically, an API gateway offers the following features: Throttling Billing Authentication and authorization Request validation Requ...

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Review: Amazon Connect – A Programmable Telephone System

Do you provide services to consumer or business clients? Which channels do you provide for clients to get support, leave feedback, or let off frustration? Amazon Connect provides a contact center solution in the cloud. Your clients contact you via phone...

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Review: AWS Global Accelerator - Improving Latency and Design for Failure

The Cloud is all about networking. AWS introduced Global Accelerator at re:Invent in 2018. A year after that, it is about time to review the service. AWS Global Accelerator makes use of Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure and is designed to improve the pe...

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Review: Amazon Aurora Serverless - A cloud-native and production-ready relational database?

It was never easier to scale your compute layer. EC2 Auto Scaling, Fargate, and Lambda enable horizontal scaling. But how do you scale your database? Use a NoSQL database like DynamoDB, one could say. But what if you don’t want to miss all the advantage...

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Review: AWS Backup - A centralized place for managing backups?

You can also listen to this topic in our podcast! AWS Backup aims to become a centralized place for managing backups. If possible, AWS Backup uses existing features to create backups (e.g., RDS snapshots). Sometimes, AWS Backup is the only way to cre...

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