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DNSSEC with Route 53: Protecting the core of the Internet

The Internet relies on DNS. This makes it all the more important to do everything possible to protect the global DNS infrastructure from attacks. Andreas explains how DNSSEC protects from DNS spoofing. During the demo you will learn how to enable DNSSEC...

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AWS SLA: Are you able to keep your availability promise?

Are you offering availability of 99.99% or more to your clients? Bad news, you might not be able to keep your promise! Recently AWS announced a bunch of new Service Level Agreements (SLA). Therefore, it is now possible to calculate the expected availabi...

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A pattern for Continuously Deployed, Immutable and Stateful applications on AWS

If you are faced with the challenge of running a stateful application on AWS, you will recognize that many building blocks no longer work as before. Usually I preach my clients stateless systems. Stateless means that that state is managed by another sy...

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