🎉 We are launching a new weekly show: Hot off the Cloud

🎉 We are launching a new weekly show

Guest authors wanted!

Andreas Wittig – 10 Feb 2021

Have you ever dreamed of publishing an article on cloudonaut? Are you a freelancer or employee who wants to attract attention to boost your career? This is your chance! We are looking for guest authors who are interested in publishing an article on cloudonaut in 2021.

Guest authors wanted!

Here are our conditions:

Looking for a new challenge?

  • tecRacer

    Cloud Consultant • AWS Migrations

    tecRacer • Premier AWS Consulting Partner • Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Switzerland
    Assessment Transformation Change Management

    Senior Lead Full Stack Developer

    DEMICON • AWS Advanced Consulting Partner • Remote
    AWS JavaScript/TypeScript Angular React

  • Profit from our reach and put your article in front of a large readership consisting of AWS professionals.
  • We expect an article discussing a technical aspect of AWS with ~1,000 words and 3-4 illustrations, tables, or code examples.
  • We will publish the article along with a profile picture, bio, and links to your personal presence on the Internet.
  • Michael and I will peer-review your article to avoid technical faults.
  • We hire and pay for a professional proofreading service to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Your article must be unique and not published on other platforms.
  • We do not accept any form of advertising for products, services, or open-source projects.
  • Optionally, we invite you to the cloudonaut podcast to discuss your article.

Apply now!

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We launched the cloudonaut blog in 2015. Since then, we have published 360 articles, 49 podcast episodes, and 48 videos. It's all free and means a lot of work in our spare time. We enjoy sharing our AWS knowledge with you.

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