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šŸ‘‰ AWS Debug Games - Prove your AWS expertise.

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Amazon EventBridge versus Amazon SNS: What's the difference?

Amazon EventBridge (formerly CloudWatch Events) and Amazon SNS provide a way to send events to multiple subscribers. From a high-level perspective, both services are similar. This leads to the question: But how are they different? What advantages do the...

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I'm losing trust in AWS. SNS is broken for 65 days.

Iā€™m frustrated. A major service of AWS is broken for 65 days. The Simple Notification Service (SNS) delivers messages to HTTPS subscriptions with a delay of more than 30 minutes. That issue impacts our SaaS business. But AWS did not fix the problem yet....

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Messaging on AWS

Previously, I compared all database options offered by AWS for you. In this post, I compare the available messaging options. The goal of messaging on AWS is to decouple the producers of messages from consumers. The messaging pattern allows us to process...

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Verify SNS messages delivered via HTTP(S) in Node.js

Are you implementing an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint for SNS? If so, you should definetly verify the incoming messages. Otherwise, anyone on the Internet can deliver messages to your HTTP/HTTPS endpoint. Which is a security risk. How do you verify incoming mess...

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Monitor your AWS account to detect suspicious behavior in real time

You can track every change made to your AWS account with CloudTrail. Did you know that you can also monitor your AWS account in near real time with custom rules specific to your use case? By combining CloudTrail, S3, SNS, and Lambda, you can run a piece...

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