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Defining IAM Policies with Terraform safely

Are you still defining IAM policies using heredoc syntax (<<EOF ... EOF) or jsonencode()? You can do better! As a result, terraform validate can tell you about typos before you apply them, and you get better auto-complete support from your IDE. Re...

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Terraform, can you keep a secret?

Did you know that Terraform state can - and most likely does - contain sensitive data? A few examples of sensitive information stored in the Terraform state: Initial password for an RDS instance. Unencrypted value fetched from SSM parameter (SecureStri...

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CloudFormation vs Terraform 2021

The most reliable way to automate creating, updating, and deleting your cloud resources is to describe the target state of your infrastructure and use a tool to apply it to the current state of your infrastructure (see Understanding Infrastructure as Co...

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