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Your single AWS account is a serious risk

Your AWS account is one of the most valuable things you own if you run a business on AWS. If you only own a single AWS account, you’re facing a serious security risk! The post will show you why this a problem and how you can solve it. This post receive...

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Private subnets are broken on AWS

This blog post was written in July 2015 and is partly outdated. Amazon released VPC endpoint for S3 and Amazon VPC NAT Gateway in the meantime. tl;drThink twice if you’re planning to use a VPC architecture containing a private subnet that includes EC2 ...

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Interacting with AWS to turn system diagrams into reality

Generally speaking, you can host any application on AWS. If you interact with AWS, you will always make calls to the API. The API is the interface between you and AWS as figure 1 demonstrates. Figure 1 Tools to interact with the AWS API You will now get...

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Amazon Web Services in Action

Newer edition available! Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is now available. Andreas and I, have written a book about Amazon Web Services (AWS) called Amazon Web Services in Action. Our book focuses on essential AWS services including vir...

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What can you do with AWS?

This article excerpted from Amazon Web Services in Action, shows that you can run any application on AWS by using one or a combination of different services. The four examples we present in this article will give you an idea of what you can do with AWS....

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Incident Management for Slack

Team up to solve incidents with our chatbot marbot. Never miss a critical alert. Escalate alerts from your AWS infrastructure among your team members. Strong integrations with all parts of your AWS infrastructure: CloudWatch, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, EC2, ...

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