👉 AWS Debug Games (Beta) - Prove your AWS expertise by solving tricky challenges.

👉 AWS Debug Games - Prove your AWS expertise.

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Hot off the Cloud: October 2022

What happened at AWS in October 2022? This is our summary and analysis of the announcements that interested us. In November, re:Invent, AWS’ major conference, will take place in Las Vegas. During re:Invent, AWS will announce many new features and servic...

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Show Me Your Architecture Vol. 1: Scanning S3 buckets for malware

Through the AWS documentation, books like AWS in Action or AWS trainings you can gain theoretical knowledge. But beyond that, it is very valuable to learn directly from practice. In this series, we inspect real-life AWS architectures. We start with Andr...

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Messaging on AWS

Previously, I compared all database options offered by AWS for you. In this post, I compare the available messaging options. The goal of messaging on AWS is to decouple the producers of messages from consumers. The messaging pattern allows us to process...

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Integrate SQS and Lambda: serverless architecture for asynchronous workloads

The Gold Standard for modern cloud-native applications is a serverless architecture. AWS Lambda allows you to implement scalable and fault tolerant applications without the need of a single virtual machine. A serverless infrastructure based on AWS Lambd...

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Prevent outages with redundant EC2 instances

Unfortunately, EC2 instances aren’t fault-tolerant. Under your virtual server is a host system. These are a few reasons your virtual server might suffer from a crash caused by the host system: If the host hardware fails, it can no longer host the virtu...

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