2020 in Review

Michael Wittig – 29 Dec 2020

The year is coming to an end. We want to say thank you to our clients, partners, supporters, and readers. We are fortunate that our business is growing steadily even during the pandemic. In this blog post, we look back on the past year and dare a look at the next year.

Happy New Year


We love blogging and published 61 articles on cloudonaut.io this year. Those articles have been read more than 1,200,000 times in 2020.
We also dropped 26 podcast episodes with ~30,000 downloads & streams.
Besides that, we launched cloudonaut plus in November, where we publish weekly video content for AWS professionals. Our archive already contains 17 videos.

The following articles attracted the most attention in 2020:

Open Source

Andreas and Michael made more than 3,000 contributions in the last year (according to GitHub). That’s ~13 contributions per working day! Our most popular repositories are:

Our open source projects do not contribute directly to revenue.

Consulting business

We served 15 different consulting clients in 2020, including startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. All projects have one thing in common: We support teams during their transition to AWS.
We made ~85% of our revenue in 2020 from our consulting business.

Andreas and Michael Wittig

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We have published 334 articles, 42 podcast episodes, and 15 videos. It's all free and means a lot of work in our spare time.

$6,000.00 will help us to write in-depth service reviews and comparisons in 2022! With your help, we can continue to produce independent & high-quality content focused on AWS.

$1,454.00 raised

Thanks to Alan Leech, Alex DeBrie, ANTHONY RAITI, e9e4e5f0faef, Jeff Finley, jhoadley, Johannes Grumböck, Jonas Mellquist, Ken Snyder, Ross Mohan, Thorsten Hoeger, Todd Valentine, and all anonymous supporters for your help! We also want to thank all supporters who purchased a cloudonaut t-shirt.

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Product & SaaS business

We made significant investments in our product & SaaS businesses this year.

  1. We integrated our chatbot for AWS Monitoring with Microsoft Teams in August (besides our Slack integration). We see more than twice the number of new teams joining marbot every week since then—a huge success.
  2. Our product bucketAV - Antivirus for Amazon S3 is used by hundreds of clients worldwide to protect their S3 buckets from malware, trjoans, viruses and other threats. We continue to receive tremendous feedback from our customers, which we use to enhance the product further.
  3. We launched the Rapid Docker on AWS Video Course in January and are very happy with the results. Many customers enjoy both the ebook and the video course.

In total, 15% of our revenue was generated by our product business in 2020.


We will focus on our subscription offering cloudonaut plus in 2021. We will allocate 45% of our time to produce high-quality content. This includes videos, podcasts, and articles. This will be the most significant financial bet we ever made since we founded our company more than 5 years ago.

We aim to increase the revenue from our product business compared to our consulting business. Our goal is to make 35% of our revenue from our product business in 2021.

Thanks a lot for your support! We wish you a Happy New Year.

Andreas & Michael

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Michael Wittig

Michael Wittig

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